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Between nude drawings of Terry Richardson and Luella, illustrator Sophie WARD dreams of a future on Strictly Come Dancing. 

Text Susie Bubble

Illustrator Sophie Ward has a unique take on life that overpowers her work. Full of dry humour and ample filth, Ward’s illustrations at once revere and create a spectacle of her creative heroes and today’s iconic style celebrities.  Ward talks to Dazed Digital about her inspirations and her spangled dancing ambitions…


… your work all about?
me, my friends, women, their strengths and anxieties.

… the one piece of work you wish you’d created?
I would have loved to have done art direction on the film Santa Sangre, or designed Vivienne Westwood’s gay cowboys punk t-shirt.

… the world coming to?
Like George Orwell’s 1984 but with more celebrities.

… better, analog or digital?
I need both.

… your worst fashion secret?
None – I quite like the mistakes.

… the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
Dropped out of art school

… the cleverest thing you’ve ever done?
Went back to art school

… the name of your hero?
Frida Khalo , Tracey Emin, Alejandro Jodorowsky,  Pamela Anderson.

… so special about your hero?
They’re fearless in their honesty, they give you ugly and say its beautiful.

… next year going to bring?
A place on strictly come dancing,  more drawing, more holidays, more tattoos and hopefully more of those elusive little pounds.

… the point?
Even if I knew I wouldn’t  tell